Looking at bedroom clutter every day is such an eyesore. It hampers productivity when you’re working remotely and hinders functionality in the bedroom. Having a spic and span bedroom is better than a haphazard arrangement. Creating a habit of cleaning your bedroom regularly is one step to organizing bedroom clutter. However, it can sometimes be hard to start this cleaning habit. If cleaning your bedroom feels like a push-and-pull all the time, try these tips to begin a bedroom cleaning routine.

1. Set a Clear Goal

Set a clear goal

Set a clear goal before you start rummaging for stuff in your bedroom. Ask yourself what you want to achieve from your decluttering efforts. Are you looking to make your bedroom more visually appealing? Are you decluttering to make your bedroom workspace more conducive to increasing your productivity? Or are you decluttering to get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and live a minimalist lifestyle? Ensure you stay true to your goals to make your bedroom cleaning journey smooth.

2. Focus on One Area at a Time

Clearing out bedroom clutter might overwhelm you, especially if you have a big bedroom. That said, ensure you focus on one area at a time. Whether “area” in this context means the physical location in a part of your bedroom or an aspect, make sure you know where to start. For instance, you can start with your bedroom dresser and move onto your cabinet. Or you can also begin decluttering your bedroom workspace, then move onto the bed area.

3. Sort, Keep, Donate, and Trash

Decluttering means clearing out stuff you don’t need or use regularly and having an appropriate place for them. The first step to assess which things you need to keep or eliminate is segregating. Check the clothes or items you have in your bedroom and sort them. Segregate things you want to keep, donate, and throw away. Getting rid of stuff you no longer use will make way for new things you’ll get down the road.

4. Try not to Add Storage

utilize your current storage

More storage in your bedroom after decluttering might tempt you to buy more clothes or stuff. Decluttering should make storage space in your bedroom, so it’s best to utilize your current storage.

5. Declutter by Category

Sometimes, we tend to put things back in improper places. This results in putting things in places they don’t belong. When decluttering, ensure you’re segregating by category. For instance, you can organize bedroom clutter by categorizing stuff according to season, frequency of use, color, or size. Whatever categories you use, remember to apply the same group classification to all.

6. Store Stuff under the Bed

One of the most neglected storage is under-the-bed storage. But what things or clothes should you store under the bed? Try to do a seasonal rotation, which means keeping clothes out of season under the bed to free up some closet space. Then, you can rotate and store the next out-of-season clothes under the bed. You can grab some plastic storage containers and label them to make it easier to look for clothes when you need them.

7. Use Drawer Dividers

One way to organize bedroom clutter is to make sure they’re easy to locate. Although cabinets and dressers provide ample space, the big dresser drawers or cabinet partitions still make storing things a mess—unless you use dividers. Using dividers to ensure nothing gets mixed up with another group is essential for an organization. You can use dividers in cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, etc.

8. Reduce Electronics and Cords

Reduce electronics and cords

Don’t you just hate it when you see cords strewn across your bedroom floor or nightstand? Having a lot of cables lying around the bedroom is such an eyesore. The first step is to reduce unwanted cords. Use one type of cord for electronics with the same charging ports. You may also use cord organizers to ensure your cords don’t get entangled.

9. Digitize Documents

If you’ve set up your workspace in your bedroom, try to organize your mail and documents. Store them in a small filing cabinet to prevent them from being scattered on your table, floor, or dresser tabletop. You may also digitize mail if you can. Try to shift to emails and virtual copies instead of printed ones.

10. Go for Minimalist Decor

Go for decor items that add beauty and value to your space instead of bulkiness. We are often attracted to artwork or sculptures that don’t even complement the entire bedroom ensemble. While this can let you express yourself freely, curating decorative items for a clutter-free bedroom is crucial. Choose the ones that offer value, history, significance, and aesthetics in your space.

11. Display Jewelry Organizers

We often end up dumping jewelry on tables or dresser tabletops after entering the room from a trip or after work. This will result in pieces of jewelry being strewn all over your bedroom and lead to clutter. Grab some jewelry organizers to ensure your accessories and jewelry are always stored properly.

12. Store Cleaning Supplies Properly

Store cleaning supplies

Decluttering your bedroom also means cleaning the entire space by sweeping, mopping, or wiping corners and furniture. To ensure you’re cleaning regularly, store a set of cleaning supplies in your bedroom to make it accessible whenever you feel like cleaning. However, keep bedroom cleaning tools out of sight as they’re not pretty to look at. You can keep them under the bed or in the bedroom bathroom.

13. Live a Minimalist Lifestyle

Marie Kondo, the famous Japanese organizing expert, promotes a minimalist lifestyle. One where you keep only things you need or that “spark joy.” Living a minimalist lifestyle is less complicated because you only have access to stuff you use regularly. This kind of lifestyle also means not hoarding things. This involves constantly going through your storage to see if you have clothes you haven’t worn for a year and consider donating them. A minimalist lifestyle encourages you to save money since buying more stuff is a big no-no.

The Bottomline

Bedroom clutter makes it uncomfortable to come home to your protected space daily. If you want to feel ecstatic to go home to a clean, functional, and clutter-free bedroom after a long day, developing a regular decluttering routine is imperative. The hardest part is starting. However, if you stick to your bedroom cleaning schedule religiously, you’ll find it easier in the long run.

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