You must know how frustrating clogged drains can be, but thankfully there are solutions, and snaking a drain is the most efficient. Your piping system works hard carrying soap to grime, but everything has a breaking point. If your drains aren’t properly cleaned regularly, clogs can develop, and you may experience slow drainage or bad odors.

When the stubborn clog in your drain is resisting the plunger, it’s time to use the plumbing snake or drain snake. Snaking a drain involves unclogging the drain with the help of a long, flexible metal cable with a small uncoiled spring on one end.

Here we discussed why snaking a drain is a crucial part of drain cleaning and answered some related questions that might peep into your mind. So, let’s dive in.

5 Reasons Snaking A Drain Is Crucial In Drain Cleaning

Snaking A Drain

From general homeowners to professional drain snaking services, everyone uses plumbing snakes for drain cleaning. You may wonder why? Well, keep reading to know why it’s a crucial part of drain cleaning.

It’s More Effective Than Other Options

You may think, why not use a plunger or chemicals to unclog the drain? In this case, you need to keep in mind that plungers dislodge only a little of the clog, and chemicals can damage your PVC pipe. And what if your sewer line is invaded by a root or mud? Chemicals, plungers, or other options can do nothing to it.

So, snaking a drain is the most effective way to dislodge the stubborn clog from your drain other than the alternatives.

Prevents Future Blockage

To have an uninterrupted draining system, the block in your pipe needs complete cleaning. For large buildups, plungers or chemicals can dislodge only a small part of it. And, eventually, you’ll experience poor drainage again.

On the other hand, plumbing snakes remove the large buildups completely from your drain and prevent future clogs. Snaking shower drains or snaking a basement drain regularly keep them free-flowing for a long time and saves your time and money.

Easy To Install And Operate

Most plumbing snakes can be installed in minutes and don’t require any special tools. You can install and operate it yourself. To operate this, all you need is a bucket and a few feet of cables snake. Generally, the cable snakes come in 25-50 feet in length.

However, it’s always good to reach someone professional, like drain snaking service providers, to prevent complications or unexpected damage.

Saves Time And Money

Save Money

As snaking a drain doesn’t require any extra tools or devices, it’s easy to handle and takes very little time to fix. In cases you need urgent servicing, you can go for the cable snakes. It is ideal for you if you want to solve your drainage problems without interrupting your daily routine.

Moreover, a drain snake is the most cost-effective way to fix your drainage problems. Unlike hydro-jetting or other alternatives, it costs you very little.

Prevents Pipe Damage

Many drain cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which are harmful both for you and your pipes. These chemicals usually generate some heat while working and thus, your PVC pipe may get damaged. Moreover, toxic chemicals can damage your skin or eye if you get into contact.

However, you can carefully use plumbing snakes or hire drain snaking services to best care for your pipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Snaking A Drain

Let’s answer some common questions that are asked about drain snaking in the following.

What Is Snaking A Drain?

As explained above, cable snakes are long, flexible metal cables with and corkscrew-like spring or auger in one end. Snaking a drain refers to inserting the cable into the clogged pipe to break up the clog and pull it out with the cable. Cable snakes can fix shower drains, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, and more. But there are also special cables for snaking shower drains and snaking a basement drain.

Can Snaking A Drain Make It Worse?

Plumbing snakes are generally safe and effective if done correctly. But, if not done correctly, or the cable is too wide or forceful, there can be cracks in the pipe. So, it’s good to call professionals for assistance.

Can Snaking A Drain Damage Pipes?

Snaking A Drain

Cable snakes are safe to use and non-invasive to pipes. If done properly, there is no chance of pipe damage through this. You may call a professional drain snaking service provider to get the best results.

Does Snaking A Draining Work?

Drain snaking is a tested method of drain cleaning. It works even if the plungers or chemical products don’t work. Snaking a shower drain or snaking a basement drain regularly can be useful for free-flowing drainage if done professionally.

What Is The Risk Of Snaking Drain?

The risk of drain snaking is minimal. However, there is also some risk if it is not done properly. The risks include pipe damage, physical injury, etc. But the risks can be minimized by professional acts and careful handling of the tool.

Is Snaking A Drain Expensive?

Snaking is a much more cheap drain cleaning option than hydro-jetting or other alternatives. However, the cost can vary from $100-$300 depending on the severity of the clog, your location, and the complexity of your plumbing system.

Final Thought

Snaking became an essential part of drain cleaning because it’s effective, time-saving, cost-effective, and safe. Whether you’re dealing with a major or minor drainage issue, snaking a drain can keep your pipes clear and free-flowing.

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