Did you know that anxiety affects 30% of Americans at some point in their lives?

Some people feel anxious all of the time while others only get triggered during certain situations that intimidate them. If the anxiety is severe enough, then it could reduce the quality of a person’s life by making them avoid their triggers instead of overcoming them.

Gym anxiety is a real issue that gets in the way of people’s wellness goals. From using new equipment to worrying about getting stared at and beyond, there are all kinds of concerns that people have. Read on if you’d like to learn four life-changing tips on how to manage gym anxiety.

1. Research and Plan Your Gym Trip

The gym

Sometimes anxiety doesn’t stem from certain environments and it’s a fear of the unknown instead. If you’ve never been to a particular gym before, then taking some time to look at photos will help you feel less lost when you enter the first time.

Gym employees are there to make you feel safe and welcome, so don’t be afraid to ask for a tour. Once you know what equipment is inside, you can start outlining a flexible gym routine so you’re not wandering around aimlessly.

2. Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer can help you stay inspired and reach your fitness goals faster. Their expert knowledge and motivation will whip you into the best shape and mental state of your life.

You could also think about signing up for small or private classes as well.

Personal trainer to lose weight

3. Try to Avoid Working Out in Public at Peak Times

If your main source of gym anxiety stems from the fear of being looked at while you’re working out, then you can try to plan your visits so you avoid the busiest gym hours. You’ll still be able to conquer your fears, but each visit won’t seem as terrifying with less people around.

Women can also feel more comfortable in gyms that have a women-only section of the gym.

4. Bring Along a Friend So You’re Not Alone

Having a friendly face by your side can make any scary situation feel more manageable. Ask your friends to see if anyone is interested in working on their fitness as a team.

If either of you do something silly by mistake, the two of you can laugh instead of feel embarrassed.


These Tips Will Help You Beat Gym Anxiety

Getting fit will not only help you avoid all kinds of physical illnesses, but it can also transform your mental health as well so you’re not as anxious. Staying active your entire life is the key to being as healthy and happy as you can be. If you use these gym anxiety tips, then you’ll be able to walk through those doors feeling confident.

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