The global carpet and rugs industry is expected to surge to $107.9 billion by 2023.

The demand for carpets and rugs rises daily, thanks to the multiple benefits they offer. From the living room to the stairs to the bedroom, homeowners use the carpets in every corner to increase warmth and enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Nowadays, there are many types of carpet. These types can be broadly classified according to their kind of fiber and their styles.

The multiple choices give homeowners a comprehensive option to choose the best carpet for their needs. However, the vast array of options might also confuse a first-time buyer.

If you are planning to buy or replace your old rug, read on to know the different types of home carpets available today. Hopefully, the guide will help you make an informed decision as you buy.

Types of Carpet Fibers

There are different types of carpet fibers, each with its own characteristics. To pick the right carpet, you need to understand the characteristics of each type and how they affect its performance. Here are the different categories:


The woolen carpets are increasingly becoming popular in homes. They can withstand pressure for an extended period, and they provide an excellent aesthetic appearance.

Due to their beautiful look, the woolen carpets are usually associated with luxury. Besides the appearance, woolen rugs are biodegradable and highly hypoallergenic.

Cleaning is also easy, provided that you have a good vacuum cleaner.

The woolen carpet is the best choice if you are looking for warmth and class. You should, however, choose the best type of wool, since they come in many forms. The main woolen carpets include 100% natural wool, and the semi wool carpet.


Nylon carpets are crush resistant, meaning that they get worn out easily. Besides, the nylon material is quite versatile, thus, you can get different stylish nylon carpets.

The rugs are also easy to maintain since they ward off the crumbs and dirt. The fact that they have a smooth surface means that they can trap dirt for an extended period, and you can easily wipe them off any time. Also, don’t forget about safety and install rug pads under the carpets in your house.

The only drawback of these carpets is that they might be prone to shedding, and they might have a volatile chemical smell. Get the best nylon material for excellent results.


An acrylic carpet is made of many materials. These materials include wool, nylon and some acrylic materials.

The carpets resemble the woolen rugs, only that the acrylic carpets are made in factories, while the woolen is handmade. Also, the acrylic carpets are quite flat when compared to the woolen ones.

The acrylic carpets are ideal for the buyers on a budget. Though pricey than the nylon rugs, their price is relatively lower than that of the woolen rugs.

Also, the rugs are resistant to chlorine, meaning that they cannot fade quickly even when you expose them to direct sunlight.

The cleaning process is also quite easy, even without a vacuum cleaner. Besides, they are durable, and can resist mold and moisture well if you dry them thoroughly.

The only drawback for these rugs is that they can lose fiber with time. To prevent this, you should clean them gently. You should also buy the best quality acrylic material.


Polypropylene is non-organic synthetic fiber. The mats consist of durable materials, which include nylon, polyester, and acrylic. They also consist of petroleum by products, and that’s why they are only made in factories.

Their different components are well combined, thus, you can’t readily tell that the carpet has many materials. Before you buy them, however, you should do your research to know the types of synthetic fibers used.

The ideal polypropylene carpet should have low density and weight. The right polypropylene carpet should also be water-resistant, easy to clean, and have low static electricity features.

Despite their pros, however, some polypropylene carpets might have poor resilience and high heat sensitivity. You can readily avoid these drawbacks by keeping the rug away from direct sunlight or too much heat.

Carpet Types According to Their Styles

Carpet flooring comes in many weaving styles, too, just like the fiber. Here are the best styles that you should consider buying:


Saxony is an ideal style for people looking for a formal house look. It is elegant and represents the traditional carpets and rugs.

The upper surface is quite soft, smooth, and has a velvet material that enhances its lucrative appearance. However, they might not be the ideal option for corridors or areas with heavy traffic.


As the name implies, the textured carpets have visible textures. They have massive alternating twists on the surface which enhance the overall appearance.

The textured appearance is ideal for hiding the footprints and other visible vacuum marks. They are easy to maintain, and you can use them in any part of the house.

Cut and Loop

The cut and loop carpets consist of short looped yarns. These yarns are well arranged in beautiful patterns that enhance the surface. The different patterns make the rugs quite attractive, and that is why their demand is quite high.

You can use it in any open area, or in your children’s bedroom. You can also choose the ideal patterns which you would like to be incorporated into the carpet.


The Berber carpets feature short, looped sand compact fibers. The loops are not soft, and this is the only differentiating aspect between them and the cut and loop.

The fibers have the same height, and this produces an ideal casual style for the carpet. They are durable, and you can use them in busy traffic areas such as in the stairs or corridors.


The frieze style is another ideal choice for busy areas in the house. The loops are highly twisted, and they curl well at the end. The curly loops create a knobby look that fits well in any room of the house.

Choose Your Carpet Wisely

Evidently, there are many types of carpet in the market. Each carpet boasts of amazing features, and you should, therefore, plan adequately to make a well-thought decision.

Before you buy, understand your needs, compare prices, and understand the pros and cons of each option. By doing so, you will get the best stylish and durable carpet for your home.

Hopefully, you enjoy reading our blogs. Please let us know if you find them informative.

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