As a DoorDash driver, you may have experienced the frustration of having your background check report from Checkr harm your gig by a DoorDash Checkr suspended outcome. This can be a frustrating and stressful situation, as it can prevent you from working and earning a living.

Even if you’ve been driving for DoorDash for a few weeks, and everything seems to be going great, when Checkr is unable to complete a background check, you could miss out on income. One day, you may receive an email from Checkr stating that a background check has caused them to terminate your contract with DoorDash.

In this article, we will explore what Checkr is, what it looks for in a background check, and how it will affect your ability to earn money from side gigs, part-time jobs, and full-time employment, including DoorDash. If any of these have happened to you, then speak with experienced attorneys to help overcome these errors.

What is Checkr?


Checkr is a background check company that provides background screening services to businesses and organizations. DoorDash Checkr suspended accounts because the company will conduct background checks on its drivers to ensure that they meet the company’s safety standards. Checkr uses a variety of sources, including criminal records databases, to gather information about an individual’s past.

Trying to dispute Checkr reports can be a massive hassle because it takes a lot of time and effort to fix any errors that may be popping up, especially if Checkr is unable to complete background checks in the first place. That is why it is easy to find many Checkr complaints from other users online who have experienced the same challenge. This can be from a wrong address to being reported for a crime based on someone else’s criminal record.

What Does Checkr Look For?

Checkr conducts various background checks on DoorDash drivers, including criminal history, driving history, and employment verification that people can dispute Checkr about. Criminal history checks look for any convictions or pending criminal charges while driving history checks look for any major violations or accidents. Finally, employment verification checks confirm that the individual has held the jobs they claim to have held.

Many of the Checkr complaints from consumer attorneys and individuals find that common errors of this service include identifying the wrong person, bringing up resolved issues that are still on old reports, or downright confusing data so that someone else’s record is presented on your behalf.

What Does Checkr Background Check Show?

Checkr Background

A Checkr background check report will show any convictions, pending charges, significant violations, or accidents that you may have on your record. It will also show any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the individual’s employment history. In some cases, this is good because employers want to be sure the people applying for the job actually have the experience needed to perform the required duties. When they’re wrong, though, they can lead to Checkr class action lawsuit issues.

These can go back a pretty far distance and lead to problems when information gets mixed up. Many users and groups have formed Checkr class action lawsuit initiatives because of these errors. When someone experiences a Checkr background check suspension issue, it can cause a lot of undue harm to their ability to make a quality living, causing a domino effect for the rest of their situation.

Why is Checkr Taking so Long?

The Checkr background check process can take several days to complete, as the company needs to verify the information provided by the individual and gather information from various sources. Additionally, if you have a common name or a criminal record, the process may take longer. That is why so many people reach out to consumer attorneys who understand the Checkr process.

As for what companies use Checkr, the list includes many popular side hustle or gig economy opportunities like DoorDash, Uber, Instacart, and Lyft. Unfortunately, that is causing many issues because a lot of potential drivers are failing their background checks due to information that is no longer accurate or valid, but is still being reported by Checkr.

Why is My Checkr Report Suspended?

Checkr Report Suspended

A Checkr report may be suspended if the company finds information that raises concerns about the individual’s suitability to work as a DoorDash driver. This could include a criminal conviction or pending charge, a major violation or accident on the individual’s driving record, or discrepancies in the individual’s employment history.

Most often, Checkr will err on the side of caution and issue a notice that you have an issue instead of doing the due diligence. Part of the reason so many ask how long does Checkr background check takes is because it can surprise potential hires. The system may be automated, but it leaves a lot of open ground for errors without human oversight to fix even the most simple of problems.

Can I Sue Checkr for Providing Inaccurate Information?

It is possible to sue Checkr for providing inaccurate information, but it can be challenging to prove that the information provided was false or that the company was negligent in its investigation. Additionally, Checkr has legal liability protection for any inaccuracies on its Checkr report suspended notices. It’s recommended that you address the inaccuracies with the company first to see if they could be rectified before considering legal action.

The best option is to hire a team of professional and experienced Consumer Attorneys. This way, after you find out that, yes, DoorDash uses Checkr, you are better prepared to handle the integrated details of contacting the right people before seeking financial damages.


Having a Checkr background check report harming your DoorDash gig can be a frustrating and stressful experience. However, by understanding what Checkr is, what it looks for in a background check, why a report may be suspended, and whether or not you can sue the company for providing inaccurate information, you can take steps to resolve the issue and get back to working as a DoorDash driver.

Before you leap to a conclusion and try to take on Checkr by yourself, you should speak with legal advisors who can best direct your efforts. It could be that a quick letter will do the trick. However, if things need to escalate, they will be there to navigate the next steps forward so you can get back to earning an income.

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