With each new year comes a new wave of fantastic interior design trends you can use to shake up your living area.

We haven’t even reached the halfway point, and 2019 is already introducing (and reintroducing!) us to some lush and timeless looks that are sure to transform any room into an Instagram worthy haven.

If you’re looking to give your home a well-deserved update and need of a few ideas to help you get started, look no further. We have all the latest and greatest interior design trends you need to see before you hit the stores.

Here are five of the hottest furniture trends of 2019 you need to add to your home.

1. Unique Metal Work

The first of 2019’s must-try trends is an old-fashioned look that can instantly give any room a modern air.Β While the industrial look may not be all that new, with 2019 comes a slight upgrade thanks to the unstoppable minimalist movement.

Clean cut natural wood, coupled with raw metal as unique, and, often, homemade pieces are a must have this year.Β If you’re looking to add a little of this style to your interior design, look no further than Vincent and Barn.

2. Velvet Lux

Just because minimalism is on the rise, that doesn’t mean we can’t dabble in a little luxury every so often. And, what could be more luxurious than rich velvet.

Velvet has recently made a triumphant return to the fashion world, and it’s not stopping there — it’s also taking the world of upholstery by storm too.

2019 has seen everything from ottomans to curtains to headboards made with rich, colorful velvet. And when everything’s this soft, here’s hoping this trend doesn’t go away any time soon.

3. Jewel Tones Everywhere

There’s nothing quite like adding a few accent colors to a room to tie a look together, and 2019 is bringing all the right shades. This year has seen the triumphant rise of the oft-overlooked jewel tones, and the world of interior design has never looked quite so vibrant. Jewel tones elicit a feeling of elegance and opulence, which is fitting considering what trends are already lining up for the next decade.

4. Art Deco

It’s 2019, which means we are a few measly months away from our second go-round at an iconic era that created this very trend.

Art deco is back, just in time for the roaring 20s. The sharp lines, striking patterns, and metallic shine associated with this style looks as good now as it did back in the 1900s.Β They say a thing of beauty lasts forever, and art deco is proof.

5. Bar Carts Are Go

All the interior design trends popping up in 2019 seem to come from the same vein, a return to a very old-fashioned but never out of style extravagance. It’s very fitting, considering we’re on the cusp of 2020. But, what would a return to the 20s be without one of the decade’s most defining features? Booze!

Bar carts have been slowly but surely making their way back into the interior design scene, and 2019 is their time to shine.

A well-loaded, elegant metal bar cart makes for an excellent accent or even focal piece in any room. And, there’s no better time to add one to your decor.

It seems like a lot of 2019’s interior design and furniture trends are a product of the year to come.

Trends are cyclical. What’s in style now is rarely new, it’s a slightly altered version of a look that came before. With this in mind, we have a lot to look forward to interior design-wise over the next few years.

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