You just started building a brand new swimming pool. You have the cement poured and you’re staring at the bland grey color.

How can you transform it into a colorfully crafted backyard masterpiece that you would be proud of? It all starts with the right pool tiles.

Here are four tips for when you are trying to decide on waterline swimming pool tiles

1. Budget First

Knowing how much you want to spend on waterline tiles is a great place to start. This will prevent you from looking at ones that are too expensive for your project.

Price can vary on a multitude of factors and knowing how those factors affect the price is important. The size of the tiles and the material that they are made out of are two of those factors that you will need to consider. The more intricate the design, the more expensive the tiles will be.

We can give you a free quote today at and help you get the best fit for your budget.

2. Decide on the Type of Tile

Now that you know your budget, you can pick what type of tile that you want in your swimming pool.

There are four main types of waterline pool tiles:

  • Mosaic – a combination of different sizes, colors, and types of tile
  • Stone – natural and rustic; compliment stone walls
  • Glass – captures sunlight and mirrors water
  • Porcelain – most common choice for swimming pools

Each type has their own benefits and looking for the right tile will depend on the type of pool and the environment surrounding it.

Along with the material of the tiles, the durability is another factor to consider. There are some tiles that have a lifetime guarantee and are built to withstand both damage and color fading in the future.

3. Choose the Perfect Color

After you pick the type of tile you would like, you need to find the perfect color.

The color of the tile you pick can have a significant transforming effect on the space and change the aesthetic feel. The landscaping and flooring surrounding the pool can help narrow down what colors would compliment them well. Look at the primary color of the pool and how it would match with the accent color on the tiles too.

Start simple. Dark colors or light colors. Then decide whether you want one color or multiple matching ones.

This will help you envision your pool and what you really want out of your tile project.

4. Get Inspiration From Other Waterline Swimming Pool Tile Projects

If you are struggling to get an idea of what tile will work best in your pool, look at what others have done for ideas. There may be color combinations or shape pairings that you haven’t thought of or seen yet.

We have designed several tile projects for many different situations and could share some of our past work as well to provide ideas. Taking a photo of a friend’s pool or a designed you liked online will help us get a vision for what your final product will look like.

Start Designing Today

Now you are ready to pick the right tile for your pool! Give us a call today to discuss your waterline swimming pool tile needs!

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