A lot of the value of your home has to do with the outside. From curb appeal to pleasant landscaping to a welcoming and useful backyard, the inside is not the only thing that can improve the value of your home. From updating your pool cage to cultivating pleasing flowerbeds, there are a lot of factors about your backyard that can increase the worth of it.

Here are our top ten tips for a glamorous backyard renovation

1. Add A Water Feature

If your outdoor area is limited in space, think about investing in small backyard water fountains or other water features. Whether it is set in place or is portable, a water fountain can enhance all of the furnishings around it. Try to match the fixture to other things in your backyard to make a cohesive look that will charm all who enter your property. A wall around your fountain can add an inviting seating area for all of your guests.

2. Add Or Improve A Pool Screen

To ensure that your backyard is a safe environment for all who enter it, it is crucial that you keep the barrier around your pool in good repair. Finding a pool cage screen repair company is easy.Β  Getting your can add a functional and decorative screen around your pool. Not only will this prevent any mishaps from happening, but it can make the area look more welcoming and charming to all who enter the space. And most importantly keeping your space insect free.

3. Add Some Lighting

Not only can some “mood lighting” make your backyard seem cozier, but it can prevent your guests from tripping and falling. Everyone will be able to see exactly where they are stepping and an adequate lighting system will illuminate any obstacles that are in the way. Whether you go with a bright spotlight or small lamps along your walkway, this is a small addition that will be appreciated by all who enter your backyard. Draping string lights around the top of a fence can evoke the feeling of a starry night, both romantic and comfortable in appearance.

4. Build A Vertical Garden

If your backyard area is small, you do not want to clutter the available space with flowerbeds. However, an explosion of growing plants gives the whole environment a vitality that you want. A simple solution to make the most of your space is to install a vertical garden. You can easily make a vertical planter by drilling clay pots onto a used pallette. This will also add to the rustic charm of your backyard and delight all who pass through it.

5. Add A Space For Entertaining

Whether it is a space to accommodate guests for your barbecues or a place where you can work outside, a seating area with a table or similar elevated surface by your pool, will make all the difference in your backyard. It will give your home a lived-in appearance and greatly increase the value of the property. An entertainment area is great for families with children as well as those who have people visiting often. Purchase a chic and weather-resistant furniture set or make your own from reclaimed wood.

6. Jazz It Up With A Fire Pit

Whether you purchase a ready-made fire pit from your local outdoors store or make your own from a set of cinder blocks, a fire pit is a delightful way to enjoy some warmth on those chilly Florida winter evenings. In addition to casting a warming glow on the surroundings, a fire pit is a safe way to light a fire close to your residence. If installing a fire pit, it is essential to keep supplies to put out your fire close at hand. These include a regular extinguisher and a bucket of sand or dirt.

7. Make It Child Friendly

A lot of prospective homeowners are looking for a space that will delight their children. You can greatly raise the value of your property by adding a playing area for children in the backyard. Install a swing set or a treehouse to cater to the little ones in your life. All other aspects will add to the charm of the backyard space, but a small play area will make it seem functional at the same time. Children can enjoy “their” area while adults are enjoying themselves in an area where they can keep an eye on them.

8. Add A Deck

One thing that can raise the value of your home is a deck or patio. Not only can it be a cozy place from which to view your backyard area, but it can be the ideal place to set up an entertainment area. By adding a deck to your backyard with space for a small table and grill, you can use it as a place for both entertaining your friends and for intimate family gatherings. This is also a fantastic place for installing your lighting fixtures and some small planters with your favorite blooms.

9. Create A Walkway

Whether it is made of mulch or stones, a small path or walkway can make the way easier for people walking from your home to a play area or your pool. Try outlining your walkway with bds of flowers or small lamps to make it seem more professional and look more inviting for your guests. A smooth path will make your backyard safer for all who enter into it.

10. Add Some Shade With A Pergola

Summers in Florida can be really temperate, but the direct sunlight can be difficult to bear. If you do not have time for a tree to gain maturity, add a pergola or other structure to provide some much-needed shade in your backyard. This is a great solution if your backyard renovation influences you to spend a lot more time in outdoors. A pergola can be decorated to fit into any scheme and is particularly alluring with string lights or floaty scarves that sway in the breeze.

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