A home is a place where we live with our family and that needs to be beautiful and bright. And nowadays while making home people focus more on one thing that is the ceiling.

Along with the ceiling design, the ceiling light or LED recessed light also plays a vital role. Recessed light is also popularly known as can light or downlight. For a polished and sleek finish, the lights are designed to sit flush with the surface.

The bulb will glow from the opening and the wires and the housing will be hidden in the ceiling. The recessed LED lighting always lasts longer than ordinary bulbs. The recessed lightings are suitable for all rooms of your house and there are many options you will get to choose from when you are going to buy LED recessed light.

So get you out of the confusion here you go for the buying guide on LED recessed lights. Read further this article for a better buying experience of LED recessed lights.

Buying Guide On LED Recessed Lights

Here you go for the buying guide on LED recessed lights from lepro.com.

1. Where to place the light

Where to place the light

  • When the ceiling is insulated, then the recessed light must be approved to be used near insulation.
  • Do not place the LED recessed light on the concrete ceiling.
  • Never place the recessed light below 3-feet from the wall which will lead the ceiling to look lower.
  • To illuminate focal points such as bookshelves, kitchen bars, fireplaces, and painting, use the light in such places.
  • Place the light overhead for tasks lighting such as stovetops, reading places, and sinks.
  • To get focused light on counters use the light under kitchen cabinets.

2. Recessed lighting trims

Recessed lighting trims

  • Baffle trim: This trim is suitable for living rooms, entryways, and foyers as these lights help to reduce eye strain while creating a softer glow.
  • Reflector Trim: This type of trim is recommended for higher ceiling rooms like the kitchen as these lights are bright and more vibrant.
  • Gimbal Trim: This trim is recommended for sloped ceiling and accent walls since these trims direct downlight where you will need.
  • Wall Wash Trim: This trim is ideal for highlighting gallery, artwork, or display walls as it features directional lights and helps to highlight and emphasize a task.
  • Shower Trim: Install this trim in the shower stalls or above the bathtub; it features an understood and clean design for your bathroom.

3. Recessed light size

  • 4-5 inches: These size lights are recommended for the kitchen as they will provide overhead countertop lighting.
  • 6 inches: This size is great for general lighting.
  • 7-9 inches: These sizes help to create a wider wash of light.

4. Lighting Color and temperature

  • Soft: Provides warm glow and are comfortable
  • Bright: Provides cool glow and refreshing light
  • Daylight: For mimicking natural light

5. Light by room

Light by room

  • Kitchen: A reflector trim light with a size of 4 to 5inches.
  • Bathroom:Β  Waterproof lights that are designed for wet and moist places.
  • Livingroom: For artwork and accent pieces go for wall wash trim light and for sloped ceiling go for lights with sloped trim.
  • Outdoor: Lights that are suitable for outdoor elements, rain, storm, and excess temperature.

6. LED type

  • Integrated light: This is an all-in-one unit that will connect directly to the main track hence you need a professional to fix this.
  • LED retrofit: The installation process of these lights is easy and compatible with modern LED lights.


Go for a dimmer switch while adding LED bulbs to the fixture. So, guys go through the buying guide. It will feature you a better purchasing experience while going to buy LED recessed lights.

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