For most Floridians, September 2022 is not a month they want to remember. Hurricane Ian caused mass devastation, leaving many homes and businesses without power. Not to mention the billions of dollars worth of damage. Now it’s time for roofers to get to work fixing the damage Ian wreaked on Florida homes and businesses.

Floridians experienced severe destruction to their properties, such as shattered windows, flooding, and even complete roof destruction. According to Swiss Re, the cost of the damages are higher than Hurricane Katrina. This is shocking, as we all know how catastrophic that disaster was for New Orleans.

Hurricanes are natural disasters that can turn anyone’s world upside down. Once it strikes, the effects last for quite some time.

Often winds tend to be very strong and are accompanied by torrential rain, lightning, and flooding. In addition to the harsh weather brought on by Hurricane Ian, many people experienced damage to their roofs.

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Roofers in Demand

Destruction is inevitable when you experience 150mph winds along with heavy rainfall. Therefore, the storm causes a surge in roofer demand.

Roofers Get To Work: Fixing Roofs

Any type of weather can affect the lifespan of a roof. A small leak can expand and cause water damage to the house. Therefore, it’s paramount that it’s fixed before it gets worse.

Supply and Demand

Roof repairs are straightforward when your town hasn’t experienced a hurricane. Roofers can obtain materials, and completing the job is easy. However, anytime a hurricane hits, especially a category 4, the roofing industry has an instant surge in demand. Therefore, the response is not always as fast as you would like. The supply chain might be affected, so the materials could be hard to get hold of right when everybody needs them.

Why Joining Hands with a Professional Roofer Makes Sense?

In addition, trucks can take longer to arrive due to closed roads, often creating a backlog until the roads open up again.

Due to Hurricane Ian occurring after the pandemic, the supply chain is affected. Hence, repairs and replacement may take longer.

Signs to Look Out For

A leaky roof isn’t just a hassle. The situation could cause damage.

Stains on Ceilings or Walls

Leaks can start small and grow if left untreated. A leak could cause black mold, which can be harmful to you and your family. However, when you act fast, you can prevent a small leak from becoming a big issue. The best way to check is to look at your ceilings and walls for any stains.

Energy Bills


If you’ve noticed that your energy bills have become higher, it’s time to inspect your roof. The increase could be due to a hole in your roof.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Shingles are designed to keep out moisture. After a hurricane, you should check that the shingles haven’t gone missing or have broken because of the extreme winds.

The best option is to call out a roofer, to come and inspect your roof. If you’ve experienced any of the above or need an inspection, recommends you call a licensed professional.

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