When it comes to getting in the mood with your partner, there are lots of different ways to turn up the heat and exercise is surely a part of it. However, exercise does a lot more than just get you in shape or help you lose weight. Exercise is something that will help you improve your sex life. There are few things better than running when it comes to helping your sex life go to another level. Here are six different sexual benefits that come from running.

Getting in the Mood

When it comes to things that are barriers to sex, one of the biggest barriers to couples having sex is when they are depressed and lethargic. There is no desire to do anything and this puts a dampener on sexual activity. It shouldn’t be this way.

Running is a solution because running produces the endorphins that push the negativity out of your mind. Moreover, when it comes to finding a great way to get anti-depressants there is no better way than running. The neurotransmitters that will get into your brain will help knock out the lethargy and help you get in the mood. 

It seems counterintuitive but running is actually something that will increase your energy. As your cardiovascular health increases, you will be less tired. For men, this has an added benefit of increasing highly rich oxygenated blood flow. This is something that is very important for one of the next benefits to follow. 

The bottom line – the more you run, the more energy you have, the more energy you have, the more sexual activity you are inclined to take part in. 

The Confidence Found in a Positive Body Image

One of the biggest reasons that people are less inclined to take part in sexual activity is because they don’t like how they look naked. This is completely relatable and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s ok to not be happy with your body and that’s perfectly normal. The good news is if you don’t have a positive body image, then it’s pretty easy to change it. 

So, here’s the thing about running, when you run you lose weight and get in shape. As you are getting in shape, what will happen is you will have a more positive body image. You won’t mind looking at yourself in the mirror anymore. The best part about that is the more positive you feel about your body that confidence exudes, and others will also want to see what’s under the clothes. 

Combatting Sexual Dysfunction

The problem with carrying excess weight is that your body is fighting an uphill battle just to do the basics of each day. When you have diabetes or other cardiovascular issues, the body is less interested in maintaining an erection than it is in just making sure you have enough energy to get around the house or do your job at work.

When you run, your body does a lot of positive things. The good news is your cholesterol will lower thanks to the increased physical activity your A1C levels will lower along with regulating your blood sugar. The bottom line is when you run, your body is regulating the different things that determine how healthy you are, and the healthier you are, the more sexual activity you will have. The bottom line is sexual dysfunction arises mostly from a lack of being healthy. Running gets you healthy.

Why Men Should Run

When are not running, there are a lot of things that are problematic, for example, with a lack of cardiovascular health, the blood flow that is needed for an erection is not present. This is a huge problem because if you can’t perform, then that creates distance where intimacy once reigned supreme. 

So, here’s the deal for guys – when guys run, they have better cardiovascular health, that increase in cardiovascular health means that blood is flowing with greater efficiency and that is important in the moment.

The other great thing that running does for men is it stimulates testosterone and keeps men feeling masculine. The body naturally has a decline in testosterone in the early 30’s, however when men run, this decline in testosterone is offset, which boosts sperm count and fertility rates.

Why Women Should Run

There was a very interesting study done by the University of Texas, and without getting too much into the nuts and bolts of the study, the gist of it is that the more women run, the more inclined they are to have increases in sexual arousal. The reason for this is that there is in increase in positive body image, and the greater the body image, the more inclined women are to partake in sexual activity.

The reason for the body image boost is because running helps women lose weight, stay in shape, and develop a sense of accomplishment that comes with running. 

A Partnered Activity

The great thing about couples that run together is they develop an admiration and respect for each other. Running is hard, so for a couple to undertake this together not only develops a positive body image of themselves, but each other.

The other great thing about running is that it builds trust and that trust allows couples to explore their sexuality more, including using toys like the Crescendo to have more intense sex. The bottom line is when a couple is doing things together, they end up coming closer and that closeness is essential for great sex.


There are many reasons that people should run, but if you are looking for the best reason, then the advice should be to lace up the shoes and start putting in the road work. The psychological and physiological benefits of running are quite vast – far beyond the six reasons listed above. Go running with your partner, and when you both make the commitment to run – or even if you do it on your own – you will reap tremendous sexual benefits.

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