You’ve probably heard that we need 8 cups of water per day, or a gallon, or up to an ounce for every pound of body weight. No matter which you stick to, the point is clear; we need water. But what is the function of water?

You’ll be more likely to fill up that water bottle and get your intake when you consciously know what it is doing for you. This guide will shine some light.ย 

Do you know why drink water regularly? Keep reading to know about the importance of drinking water.

What is the Function of Water in the Body?

Science is clear in the fact that our bodies are 60 percent water. As such, you can assume that a lot of our functions need water to survive.ย 

Read on to see exactly how water helps your body and what is the function of water in human body.ย 

1. Water Helps You With Optimal Brain Function

There’s a reason that you experience brain fog and lethargy when you haven’t gotten enough water today. Dehydration is potentially deadly, but before it gets that bad, your brain function is one of the first to go.ย 

Conversely, drinking water helps to revitalize your brain cells and keep your synapses firing on all cylinders. Be sure that you’re drinking water each day so that you can focus and think clearly. Also, make sure to only consume clean drinking water. Baton rouge water is recommended safe for drinking as they provide soft water that is free from contaminants.ย 

2. Your Body Will Be Better Able to Eliminate Waste

When you’re dehydrated, constipation is right around the corner.ย 

Drinking water helps your body to eliminate waste. This is the case not only in your digestive system but also for your kidney’s ability to detox and keep you safe.ย 

3. Your Hair, Skin and Nails Will Have Moisture

Your body needs moisture, so drinking water regularly will help you have healthier hair, skin, and nails. If you have dry, flaky, and brittle hair, you most likely aren’t getting enough water each day.ย 

Ashy skin is one of the telltale signs of dehydration, so if you have chapped lips and dry skin, drink some water fast.ย 

4.ย Regulation of Bodily Temperature

You also need to drink water every day to regulate your body temperature and that’s all about what is the function of water.

Staying hydrated helps you to better regulate your body’s internal “thermostat” since water is key in your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. Getting a nice glass of water before you get too thirsty will keep you cool and comfortable.

This is particularly important during times of physical exertion. For instance, if you are hiking or camping, an Unhumid system might be exactly what you need to stay hydrated.ย ย 

5. The Joints Will Be Healthier and Your Body Will Get Better Oxygen Flow

Finally, water is a natural lubricant. It’ll help you have joints that are fluid and lubricated. This way, you will deal with fewer aches and pains and will be able to avoid long-term discomfort.ย 

What’s more, water helps your body’s ability to transport oxygen, which circulates blood flow and helps you to get much-needed nutrients to all your body’s systems.ย 

Get Your Fill of Water Each Day

So what is the function of water?

These answers will set you straight in that regard. Stay tuned for more news about health and fitness of all types.ย 

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