Brain fog is a condition wherein a person is unable to focus for long or does not have a sharp memory. A person feels unlike himself and is unable to think clearly or his brain is foggy preventing him to concentrate. Although a common occurrence, brain fog may be caused by a variety of problems related to lifestyle, medications or health conditions. High levels of brain fog can interfere with one’s normal routine and thus need to be dealt with immediately, warn experts at Top Brain Enhancements. Neuroignite, a nootropic brain supplement, is recommended for older people experiencing brain fog frequently.

Let’s find out more about brain fog, its causes and treatment options and how to improve memory.

Causes of Brain Fog

Brain fog could be a result of

Chronic Stress: Stress is a leading cause of most health problems. It can lead to increased blood pressure, weaken the immune system and even trigger depression. Mental fatigue caused by high stress makes one’s brain exhausted thus restricting the ability to think or focus.

Inadequate Sleep: Poor quality of sleep can harm the functioning of your brain and restrict the ability to concentrate and think.

Poor Diet: A diet that does not provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins can lead to a foggy brain. Some food items may cause allergy or sensitivity which in turn leads to brain fog.

Side Effects of Medication: Some medicines may be affecting your brain’s ability to function normally.

Medical Conditions: certain health problems like anemia, diabetes, depression, migraine, Alzheimer’s disease, and hypothyroidism can also make one’s brain foggy.

Hormonal Changes: Changes in the level of hormones during pregnancy or menopause can lead to poor concentration or forgetfulness.

Treating Brain Fog

A persistent lack of clarity and focus may indicate that you have brain fog. But further investigation is essential to find out the real cause of this condition and identify the right form of treatment. In the case of brain fog induced by anemia, iron supplements may be effective while in case of an autoimmune disease, medications to reduce inflammation or suppressing the immune system are recommended. In many cases, brain fog can be treated by correcting a nutritional deficiency, introducing some changes in your lifestyle and changing medicines. Apart from this, a supplement that improves memory can prove to be effective.

Nootropic Brain Supplement: Does it Work?

Neuroignite reviews show that this nootropic brain supplement uses natural ingredients like Gingko Biloba, Phosphalidylserine, and Bacopa Monnieri to boost the mental cognitive functions of people. Manufactured by using herbal ingredients at cGMP certified, FDA approved facility; this supplement has received excellent reviews for its ability to boost memory and focus.

While yielding good results very quickly, this supplement creates new neural pathways in the brain to allow greater concentration, provided one takes the correct dosage. Some users have, however, registered side effects like headaches, jaw clenching, muscle cramps, mood crashes and loss of motivation. In case you witness any such side effects, please stop the consumption of this nootropic brain supplement.

So, if you are experiencing brain fog, try to identify the reasons for the same and modifying your sleep and eating habits. This should be followed by a consultation with a health expert who will recommend the necessary tests before arriving on any conclusion or recommending any medication or supplements.

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