Are you struggling to build muscle naturally as fast as you’d like to? Are you reluctant to try a chemical intervention to boost your efforts?

Even those involved in sports other than bodybuilding can benefit from muscle gains. Research shows that decreased fat and increased muscle improves all-around athletic performance.

So, regardless of your personal preferences, you can benefit from learning how to build muscle naturally. Keep reading to find out how.

How to Build Muscle Naturally By Eating Right

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Eating for muscle gain isn’t the same as going on a diet. For starters, the number of calories your body needs to put on muscle far exceeds how much you eat on a normal day.

Remember, you want to gain muscle, not fat, so chomping on a few extra chocolate bars won’t cut it. Instead, work out your calorie intake at the outset and increase it gradually with protein-rich foods.

Protein is the fuel your body needs for natural muscle building. Eating smaller, more frequent meals also helps you gain muscle faster.

Carbs are vital to prevent your body from calling on the protein in your diet as an energy source. Protein may build muscle, but carbs give you the energy to put in the work.

There are also some natural bodybuilding supplements you can take to boost your energy levels without going the pharmaceutical route. Do some research to find out more about the best ones for you.

How to Build Bigger Muscles Naturally in the Gym

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It makes sense that weight-bearing and strength exercises will build muscle naturally faster. So, gear your workouts toward maximum muscle gain.

Work with each muscle group independently, and don’t overdo it. Tears and sprains can put your training back in weeks.

Instead, aim for three or four different exercises per muscle group and use weights that result in failure after about 12 reps. Lift slowly, your muscles work harder when they’re under tension.

Variety is the spice of life for effective muscle building, so change up your routine every six to eight weeks.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

A ‘night on the town’ can ruin your muscle-building aspirations. Avoid alcohol and sugar, you don’t need them.

Get enough sleep. Your body repairs and heals itself while you slumber, so sleep is an important part of your training routine too.

How Long Does it Take to Build Muscle Naturally?

Muscle Building Supplements

This is the million-dollar question that you’re burning to ask, right? There’s no good news here I’m afraid.

All good things take time. Under optimal conditions, you can expect to gain between one and two pounds per month. The silver lining is that you’ll no doubt increase your health and fitness more this way than by any other means.

More Health Tips for Fitness Fanatics

It’s worth figuring out how to build muscle naturally if you want to enjoy lasting gains and a healthy lifestyle. Everything you do to your body has lasting effects and can affect you later in life.

If you’d like some more tips on how to stay fit and healthy, explore some more of our articles on health and fitness.

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