If you are currently contemplating the thought of setting up your own home gym or you have already made the switch at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, you have reached the right page. An essential question that lots of home gym owners ask themselves is whether they are using the best type of flooring possible for their gym or if they could opt for something better and more efficient.

The truth is quality floors for your at home gym should do wonders for your workouts, better protecting your joints and keeping potential injuries at bay, especially when it comes to slipping and falling accidents.

Let us find out what other benefits quality home gym floors come with and which alternatives would make for the best fit for your own needs and budget.

Top Perks Of Quality Home Gym Floors

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Good floors will help you complete all your workouts under steady and safe conditions while limiting the body impact and boosting your stability. Plus, you can expect to prolong the life span of your precious floors, as well as expensive home gym equipment by having some top-quality floors fitted.

Rubber Gym Floors For Enhanced Versatility

With prices ranging from $2 per square foot and $150 per square foot, rubber floors are a popular option for a lot of homes as well as commercial gyms. The rubber is sturdy and can withstand powerful and repeated impacts. Plus, it is durable and suitable for all forms of workout routines, no matter what gear might be used.

Rubber flooring is normally sold in the form of mats and tiles for the needs of a small home gym or rolls that can effectively cover a large space, with various alternatives in terms of thickness, as well as price tags to match any budget.

You could install rubber flooring over your existing carpets with zero hassle – just make sure to contact some reliable area rug cleaning and restoration services in the area first and make sure the carpeting is thoroughly cleaned before you are ready to fit the new rubber flooring. Rubber floors are also shock- and soundproof, but they can be heavy to carry and will not do a very good job when it comes to their insulating features.

Foam Floors For Yoga and Pilates Fans


With prices ranging from $1 per square foot to $4 per square foot, foam flooring is convenient, is comfortable, and very shock-resistant. However, if you are in need of a floor that can support your body during heavy weight lifting, get ready for some serious dents in time. Its versatility in terms of use, color, style, and cushioning may only be out-weighted by the shorter lifespan.

Vinyl Gym Floors for More Practicality

With prices ranging from $0.50/sqft to $5.00/sqft, vinyl is excellent when it comes to comfort and chicness combined. It can successfully withstand mildew and mold attacks, which makes it great for your basement gym, not to mention its amazing ability to withstand harsh chemical cleaning when cleaning up all the sweat after an intense workout.

up all your blood, sweat, and tears.

Just keep in mind vinyl is usually easy to tear and can pose a risk to your health because of the VOC emissions vinyl is known for. However, its easy maintenance, numerous styles, and long lifespan make it a solid choice for many.

Carpeting, the Most Popular Home Gym Flooring Option

With price tags ranging from $1.50 per square foot to $10 per square foot, carpeting is very delicate with the joints, comes with simple maintenance requirements, and is already found in most homes, so you won’t need to do much about it, to begin with.

Just make sure you are using one with a very low pile or focus on interlocking tiles and enjoy the extra traction during your favorite cardio training. Keep in mind you will need to periodically clean the carpeting in your home gym to keep the bad odors and disease-causing bacteria from spreading. Using a specialized carpet cleaner once every 3 months should help enormously.

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