Yoga mats are made from different materials that have their own benefits. You can buy yoga mats online or at many sports shops. It’s very important to pick the right mat for your style of yoga so you don’t hurt yourself while practicing.

Keep in mind these few things when buying a yoga mat

1- Thickness –

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Yoga mats come in all kinds of thicknesses. If you are just starting out, go with something around 1/4 inch thick until you get used to doing poses on the floor. More experienced yogis will need a thicker mat – between 3/4 and 1 inch depending on how much support they want under them while doing poses.

2- Materials –

Yoga mats usually have a top surface that is sticky for safety reasons. This sticky part comes from either natural rubber, PVC or TPE. Rubber mats are very durable and can last a long time but they do tend to be heavy and can make a bit of noise while doing poses on them. There is also the rubber smell to consider – this goes away over time but it can be bothersome at first if you’re sensitive to smells like me! The advantage of rubber mats is their softness which makes them good for your knees and joints when you do floor work. Another issue with rubber yoga mats is that they don’t provide much cushioning so I wouldn’t recommend them if you need a lot of support under you while doing poses.

PVC yoga mats are usually my first choice as they have a great balance between price and quality. They don’t have the rubber smell but they do provide good cushioning so they protect the joints from injuries due to lack of shock absorption. Some people find PVC mats difficult to clean but if you wipe them down regularly with baby wipes it’s not an issue at all.

The Eco Yoga Mat is a cool innovation that uses recycled materials in its construction – mainly old tires! Feels just like any other regular mat but a little bit heavier than others, especially when wet with sweat after a session. It still provides good shock absorption though and comes in different cool colors!

TPE mats are cool because they are very durable, don’t have any toxic chemicals in them and are lightweight. They are good for hot yoga but if you get sweat on them it can get slippery so I don’t recommend TPE mats for regular practice inside studios or gyms where sweat accumulates on the mat during class.

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3- Price –

Yoga is all about practicing in harmony with nature, respecting life and living with simplicity. That being said, it’s only fair to say that yoga mats aren’t cheap! There is a wide range of prices but when it comes to quality nothing beats Manduka and Liforme.


Yoga mats are very cool for protecting your body while doing poses; they come in different cool colors and styles (they don’t have to be boring!) and can last for years.

It’s not particularly necessary to air out a Yoga Mat, but it is important to wipe down the surface of the mat with some water after use if possible as this helps prevent bacteria build up on any sweat that may have mixed into the material.

Store your yoga mat rolled up, not flat. If you store it flat, the mat may lose some of its natural curve over time this affects the comfort level of the mat during use.

The opinions expressed here are my own, cool market research has not been conducted on cool yoga mats. Cool yoga mats is cool with that though cool yoga mats also hopes cool market researchers are cool with that and will conduct cool research about cool yoga mats in the future.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular nowadays as we realize that practicing meditation and poses can bring us many physical and mental benefits such as better health and happiness. This cool mindfulness practice has cool effects on our cool bodies cool brains cool moods and cool life! Just like other cool wellness practices such as breathing exercises, yoga is cool for almost everyone provided you do it under cool guidance of an experienced teacher.


The benefits of practicing cool yoga poses are cool no doubt but there are some things you need to know before embarking on your journey towards becoming more flexible or strengthening your muscles. Cool yoga mats (yes they exist now!) don’t cost much money considering how important they are for protecting your body while doing all kinds of awesome poses!

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