If one of your new year’s resolutions is to kickstart a more fit and healthy lifestyle, taking up running is an amazing place to start. Running is not only good for the body but the mind as well. It burns calories, builds strong bones, improves cardiovascular fitness, and releases endorphins and serotonin in your body.

Running is a great form of exercise, but for those who are new to the activity, it can be challenging to master. With some perseverance and practice, however, it can be done.

If you’d like to learn how you can achieve a better run each time, this guide can help. Read on to learn how to get better at running today.

1. Fuel Yourself Well

Fuel Yourself Well

When people run for weight loss, it’s common for them to be on some sort of diet, as well. This is fine as long the two things are done responsibly. If you want to learn how to run better for longer and with more ease, you should start with your nutrition.

What are you eating before your workouts? You don’t want to eat anything too heavy, but you need some sustenance to fuel your run. Fuel up 3-4 hours in advance with pre-run foods like egg whites, peanut butter, or a protein bar for best results.

2. Get the Right Gear

Another thing that can have a surprisingly big impact on how well you run is the workout gear you’re wearing. You need to make sure you’ve got proper running shoes and lightweight clothing, for a start.

Then, depending on the weather, you may also want to invest in things like sweatbands, anoraks, runner’s gloves, or fleece-lined leggings. Wearing run-appropriate clothing can make a huge difference to how capable you feel when you’re jogging.

3. Start Slow

Here’s a secret trick regarding how to get better at long distance running: go slow. It’s really as simple as that. Start off running as slow as you possibly can.

Over time, you’ll find you’re able to build up speed and stamina. There’s no shame in starting off at a pace that you feel comfortable at.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

This is a cliche, but when it comes to running, it rings true. The best way to get better at running is to practice, practice, practice. If you keep consistent with your running (going 2 to 3 times a week at least) then you’re guaranteed to see results.

5. Keep Yourself Accountable

So practicing is the best way to improve your running form. But what about those times you lack the motivation to get out there and exercise? We all have those days, but the key is to find some way of keeping yourself accountable.

This could mean joining a running club like the virtual running club sunriserunco.com or tracking your exercises in an app. No matter what method you choose, keeping yourself accountable is the key.

Achieve a Better Run Today

Achieve a Better Run Today

Every jog you go on, and every little modification you make will contribute towards you being able to have a better run. Follow the above tips for best results. If you’d like more fitness tips and motivational tricks, check out the rest of our site now.

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