A lot of people begin each New Year with a determination to stay healthy all year long but end up giving up after a few trips to the gym. If you are determined to stick to your workout in 2022, here are a few tricks and tips to help you stay committed to your exercise schedule.

Workout Tips

1. Choose A Work-Out Plan That Suits You

workout at home

There is no one-plan-fit-all workout plan that works for everyone. If you start with a plan that doesn’t suit your lifestyle, budget, and health condition, you’ll be sick of it in no time. Don’t get on a treadmill for no other reason than because everyone is getting on one. There are many alternatives for modern exercise gadgets that may be better suited for your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re getting bored of your everyday exercise bike, there are electric bikes for adults by Life EV that could make the workout a lot more fun. Other fun gadgets you could use to spice up your workout routine are smart shoes, wireless headphones, etc. Whenever you get tired of your current routine, rather than quit, change up the routine and try to find styles that better suit your lifestyle.

2. Have A Workout Schedule

Have a Workout Buddy

Scheduling your workouts well in advance is a great way to ensure that your plans to exercise daily, do not keep getting interrupted by unexpected events. It will be great to plan all your workouts at least a month in advance and keep a calendar or set reminders to help you keep records of your workouts. This is one way to create a workout routine that works.

3. Don’t Take Up Too Much Too Soon

It’s quite common for people to set unrealistic targets when creating workout schedules. For instance, a lot of people who exercise to lose some weight often expect to start seeing changes after just a few days of workouts. When this doesn’t happen, people are likely to get discouraged and abandon their workout routines. Another easy way to set one’s self up for failure from the start is to go too hard too soon. There’s no need to start with high-intensity exercise plans. It’s much more profitable to start up with easier exercises, and then take a few days or weeks to warm up before you tackle more vigorous workouts.

For someone who hasn’t exercised in a while, it will be great to start with a few minutes walk around the block for the first couple of days to get the body in better shape for more intense exercises. Low-intensity exercises such as quick walks around the block, may not look like they pay off but they have been proven to indeed have several health benefits. Therefore it’s better to start with these exercises than get over-ambitious from the start and quickly burn out from exhaustion.

4. Create An Inspiring Playlist You Love

You are more likely to spend more time completing your workout routine if you’re listening to something you love. There’s something about listening to lively upbeat music that keeps you energetic while working out. Take the time to create a playlist of songs that can motivate you while you exercise.

5. Get A Workout Partner

Finding a workout buddy isn’t always easy, but once you find one, your workout routine could get a lot easier to pull off. Great places to find a workout partner are at the gym or on the internet. One could also convince a close friend or family member to join them in workouts. Having a workout partner creates a spirit of friendly competition where no partner wants to let the other down or skip their workouts. It also creates companionship, which could make the time spent at the gym or on a run, a lot more fun.

6. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat healthily

Unhealthy foods such as refined carbohydrates, excessive sugar, and other junk foods are more likely to have you feeling like skipping your workouts. So while trying to remain healthy, it is important to fuel your body with healthy meals. Fruits, veggies, lots of water, and high-fiber foods are great foods to eat to keep fit.

7. Keep Going Despite Setbacks

Sometimes setbacks are inevitable. There would be days when you may not be able to exercise due to emergencies or other circumstances beyond your control. When this happens, never let that be the end of your workout plan. Return to your routine as soon as you get a chance. It’s much better to skip a day, a week, or even a month than miss an entire year of working out.

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