Did you know that if you’re trying to gain muscle, you should be hitting the gym at least 3 days per week? More advanced exercisers should aim for at least four or five.

If you’re trying to build arm mass, it’s a good idea to focus at least one of those days exclusively on arm exercises, but what should you be doing?

While all exercise will help you build muscle if you’re eating enough calories, using a high enough weight, and staying consistent, we’re here with a few of our top choices. Read on to learn more.

Shoulder Presses

Shoulder presses (sometimes known as overhead presses) are great for building mass in your shoulders and getting stronger deltoids. There are several ways to do them.

You can start seated or standing. Some people find that they can lift more weight while seated, but you can also work your core if you do standing shoulder presses.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand (or one barbell) and hold the weight at about ear height with your arms bent. Lift the weight(s) over your head so your arms are almost straight.

Do this 5-8 times or until failure. You should choose a heavy enough weight that the movement is difficult by the time you hit 8 reps.

Check out this article for more information about getting strong deltoids.

Chest Presses

Chest presses are great for your biceps, triceps, and pectorals. Again, there are several ways to do this. You can lay flat on your back, at a decline, or at an incline. While most people use barbells, you can also use a plate for a close chest press or use dumbbells.

When you’re laying back, hold the weight so it’s about chest level. Push up until your arms are almost straight and then slowly bring the weight back down.

If you’re doing a standard chest press, your elbows should be wide. For a close one, they should be close to your body.

Again, repeat this 5-8 times or until failure.

Bicep Curls

A bicep curl is always part of the best bicep workout. There are plenty of ways to do bicep curls, but we’ll discuss the most basic version.

You can use either two dumbbells or one barbell, but many people find that dumbbells are more comfortable for their elbows. You also have the option of doing alternating curls if you use dumbbells.

Let the weights hang (but keep your muscles activated) in front of your legs. For a standard curl, your palms should face forward.

Bring the weights up to your chest and then bring them back to your legs slowly. Again, 5-8 reps per set should be sufficient if you’re using a heavy enough weight.

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Tricep workouts aren’t as popular, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t important. Strong triceps will support your other arm workouts.

For an overhead tricep extension, hold a dumbbell over your head with your arms straight. Your arms should be almost touching your ears.

Bend your elbows so the weight drops behind your back and then bring it back up. You’ll be shocked at how heavy this feels, so don’t be afraid to choose a lighter weight.

Try These Arm Exercises Next Arm Day

These arm exercises will help you build mass as long as you’re consistent and your nutrition is on point. Remember to get plenty of rest between workouts and to choose the right weight.

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