Over 36% of Americans fall into the category of obesity, yet many others weigh more than they should. Being overweight tends to be a common problem in the U.S., but most people become heavy over time.

However, others suddenly gain a lot of weight without knowing why. Explaining slow weight gain isn’t tricky, but what are the causes of sudden weight gain?

In most cases, sudden weight gain occurs from a health issue. If you’ve experienced this problem, you should find out what’s happening with your body.

Here is a guide to help you learn some of the most common causes of sudden weight gain.


Some people experience sudden weight gain from the medications they take for their health problems. For example, some medicines that treat diabetes and high blood pressure lead to rapid weight gain.

People taking antidepressants might also struggle with sudden weight gain, and some other prescriptions also cause this issue.

If you’re taking medication for health issues, talk to your doctor to determine if these are causing your weight gain.

If so, your doctor might offer some weight loss tips and health and wellness tips for you to follow. Following these tips might help you minimize your weight gain.

Heart Failure

The second issue that leads to rapid weight gain is heart failure. If your heart isn’t functioning properly, it can lead to fluid retention.

When your body retains too much fluid, it leads to weight gain. When heart issues lead to weight gain, most people notice swelling in particular body parts, such as the ankles, feet, and legs.

Thyroid Issues

Another common cause of rapid weight gain is thyroid issues. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand the thyroid’s functions until they have a problem with this vital organ.

Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid isn’t functioning properly. When this occurs, the thyroid doesn’t do its job, and one of its jobs is to control the metabolism.

Gaining weight quickly is often the result of low metabolism. You might want to talk to your doctor if you suspect this problem.

Kidney Problems

One additional cause of rapid weight gain is kidney problems. The kidneys process waste in your body. When they function properly, they eliminate waste successfully and effectively.

However, they can’t perform this job effectively if they’re not working correctly. As a result, your body ends up retaining more fluids.

If you have kidney issues and have a high-calorie diet, you should ask your doctor what changes to make. Your doctor might suggest running some tests and changing to a low-calorie diet.

Consider These Common Causes of Sudden Weight Gain

If you’ve gained a lot of weight lately and can’t explain why, it might be from one of these causes of sudden weight gain. Sudden weight gain is something you shouldn’t ignore. Instead, you should visit your doctor to determine why.

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