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Of all body surgery procedures, tummy tuck complications are the most common. The bad outcome of a tummy tuck should not discourage you from getting one.

Body tummy tuck side effects are preventable. By noticing the early symptoms of a bad tummy tuck, you can get help with time.

This article will guide you on the signs of a bad tummy tuck and what to do about it.

1. Visible Scars

Visible scars after a tummy tuck are an indication of a poor outcome. This can be caused by using insufficient stitches, the surgeon’s skill level, infection, healing problems, or an overly aggressive tummy tuck. A visible tummy tuck scar can affect your self-confidence negatively, and may also be a sign of contaminated or necrotic tissue that was not removed properly.

To avoid visible scars after a tummy tuck, it is important to select a surgeon who is experienced in tummy tucks and who has a proven track record of success. Additionally, make sure to follow pre- and post-operative instructions. Finally, ensure that your surgeon uses absorbable sutures that result in minimal visible scarring.

If you have visible scars from a tummy tuck, talk to your abdominnoplasty surgeon about what treatment options are available. Your surgeon may be able to recommend scar placement, scar creams, laser treatments, or other procedures in order to minimize the visibility of scars.

2. Unbalanced Abdomen

This is a sign that can generally mean the tummy tuck was not performed with as much skill and precision as it could have been. When performing a tummy tuck, a great deal of attention needs to be paid to creating a balanced and symmetrical look to the abdomen. If this is not done properly, an unbalanced appearance can result.

If there is an unbalanced abdomen after a tummy tuck, the best option is to return to the surgeon to try and correct the issue. It is important to remember that it can take some time to see the full results of a tummy tuck, and unbalanced abdomens can sometimes just be the result of swelling or uneven healing.ย 

3. Poor Healingย 

Poor healing of the incision sites can be an indication of infection, poor circulation, or an excessive amount of fat or loose skin remaining, left after surgery. Poor healing can also indicate inadequate treatment of drained fluid with the use of drains or medications.

It is important to seek help for poor healing after a tummy tuck, as it can increase the risk of unsightly scarring. Furthermore, it will cause delays in recovery and may require further corrective procedures. Consulting with your surgeon or healthcare provider is always recommended for advice on how to address poor healing.

Treatments may include obtaining antibiotics to help reduce infection, or draining and cleaning the wound site to reduce swelling. Proper sleeping, taking medications, and applying dressings may also help with proper healing.ย 

Learn These Signs of a Bad Tummy Tuck Today

It is important to keep a close watch on how your body is healing after a tummy tuck and to address any symptomsย or signs of a bad tummy tuck. If any of the symptoms outlined in this article arise, consult immediately with a licensed plastic surgeon for a solution. Don’t delay, take charge of your health today and get the help you need.

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